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Flash Carts

Flash Advance 64mbit card-- Nice Photo´s
Flash Advance 128mbit card--Nice Photo´s
Homebrew 8Mbit GBA flash cart--Nice Photo´s
Official Flash Cart--Nice Photo´s


GBA Flash Linker--Nice Photo´s
Home made dev unit--Nice Photo´s and information
TS2 Development Board--Nice Photo´s and ... info!
Communication Cable--nice info

Information & pictures by : http://www.gbadev.org
Are one or more picture's from you ? then plz mail me, so I can give you credit!


Lord_Nightmare's Comprehensive GB Sound Document-- Everything about GB sound! a must visit!
GameBoy Sound Table--A table for converting between Hertz, MIDI, and other GB formats!
Lemon Player--This is an Musicplayer that converts MOD files!
GameBoy Wave Channel Revealed -dynamically reload wave RAM for playing raw audio!
Ed's Tools--This a GBDK Library for record and playback on the PocketVoice!

Sound Tools

Music Box --For music and sound effect system
LSDJ Midi Cable --midi sync cable, that works with the LittleSoundDJ as well.
Carillon Player & FX Hammer--This is an great music engine for both GB and GBC
GB Audiowave Maker v1.0 --this is an small DOS tool for creating audiowaves for beyond tracker!
Graham's Tool --This tool is for converting .wav files to 4-bit GB format
Little Sound Dj --This is an Musiceditor, IT ONLY RUNS ON THE REAL HARDWARE!
GHX Sound Engine--GHX development is not available, you only can download some music..
< Graham's Tool --This tool is for converting .wav files to 4-bit GB format
ModPlug Tracker--This an music track program for Win32...
MM_X's GameBoy Wave Convertor --you can convert raw 8-bit audio files to GB ,or play midi files on your GB!
Beyond Tracker--This is an commercial package for creating GB music on the PC!
Nanoloop --This a great synthesizer / sequencer for the GB
ModPlug Tracker--This an music track program for Win32...
Music Box --For music and sound effect system
Beyond Tracker--This is an commercial package for creating GB music on the PC!
Pushpin for Game Boy ColorMIDI Synthesizer Kit for GB, like it said... it can play midi´s
GB Audiowave Maker v1.0 --this is an small DOS tool for creating audiowaves for beyond tracker!
Visual Impact Music System --Great editor for music and tunes, but you need Win95 and DirectX!


Jeff's APA Demo v990627-- olid triangles, textured triangles, area flood fill, fast line drawing, user-controllable rotating cubes, and a real-time zoom
CGBdk - How to use CGB features with GBDK--step by step on how to draw and colorize a backgroundt!
Gbfull.zip--Code for full screen on GB / GB pocket (360 unique tiles)
Jason's Large Map Scrolling Example--A 8way scrolling engine, that can use large maps then 32x32!
160x144 Image Loading-- info on full-screen with GBDK
40x24-- textmode with a resolution of 40x24 , GBC only!
HiClrGBDK--ROM + SourceCode for displaying hicolor on the GBC
RGBGrafx -- graphics library that includes tile, palette, map, sprite, and fade functions as a minimum. Rotating 3D Cube -- A 3D cube (lines) GBC only!

GFX Tools

Another Tile Convertor --Tile convertor for Linux
HeroZero's Graphics Convertor--Convert PCX graphics to GB
Advanced PCX2GB --Convert 256-colors PCX files to GB tiles!
Paul Stapley's gfx2GBC v0.02 --save your converted file as a BMP
Gameboy Hicolour Convertor --This program generate 160x144 hicolor images (Up to 2304 colors)
Adam's pcx2gb Convertor--a pcx2gb convertor...
Tga2gbc v1.3--Tool for .tga 2 Hicolor GBC
PCX-to-GB Tile Convertor--PCX to GB Tile Converter made Qbasic.. but still great!
PCX2GBI-- PCX2GB convertor + a tile, map and palette editor...
Gameboy Image Quantizer (GIQ)--Convert 8-, 16- or 24-bit to GBC

Tile/MAP editors

Ggtedit--Tile editor Linux...A must download for all you linux users...
GBDK Sprite Editor--The GBDK sprite editor...
GBTD/GBMB - GB Tile Designer & Map Builder --This is an must download! all the programs are the best you can get!
GFTile v0.09alpha--This an great map/tile editor for DOS and it outputs in TASM assembly format
Tile Buddy--A superb tile/map/animation editor!
Graphics Studio --This is an great tile/map editor, that can import/export from a lot file formats!
Art Util--Great tool for multiple sprite animations, and best of all.. you can test them!
OGBBTC - Onboard GB tile creator--Edit tiles... ON THE REAL GB!
TILE256 Convertor v1.1--TILE256 Converter and again.. for DOS
PPM - Yet Another Game Boy (Color) Tile & Map Editor for GTK-- You can export in ISAS .asm, RGBDS .asm, TASM .asm, WLA .asm GBDK .c
TILE256 Map/Tile Editor v1.1--A map editor for DOS
GBDK Sprite Editor--The GBDK sprite editor...
Petres' GBTD/GBMB Exporter--Program for easier to export GBTD/GBMB files to GBDK
TILE256 Map Mirror/Flip v1.0 --TILE256 Map Mirror Flip for DOS
GIQ2TB--A great converter.. made in DOS



GBDK - Gameboy Development Kit--This is thé C compiler for GB
Small C Compiler for GameBoy-This is thé C compiler for GB, early version!


Advanced GameBoy IDE 0.66beta--machine-language assembler environment for DOS
Gbasm - GameBoy Assembler--GB assembler for Linux
RGBDS - Rednex GameBoy Dev System --RGBDS is thé GB asm compiler!
TASM - GameBoy Table ASseMbler v1.6--Table Assembler for DOS
TniASM--Z80, R800 and GameBoy Z80 cross assembler
WLA - Yet another GB-Z80 Macro Assembler--compiler for DOS, Linux & Amiga


C code

Black Thunder Pacman--GBC games in C
Crazy Zone --C code for Crazy Zone
Ed's GB Page--Noah's Arkaid sourcecode
NoDrop puzzle game + gbdk source--great puzzle game!
sworld--great shooter!

Assemblers code

Monty Python and the Holy Grail' GBC--Nice game..
Apocalypse Now--Some nice BG scrolling
Car Demo ROM & Source Code--Superb game, great source
Chip8 Emulator--great emu!
Dungeon Escape--nice project!
Opus' Shooter--great game, and a nice source if you want to learn how to make a shooter
Space Invaders-style Demo v1.0 --the Classicgame from the Arcade...


All of these sourcecode´s are made by me (Hugo Smits)
if you put them together you will have a game... or at least
the beginneng :P... so enjoy !

WYNWhat´s Your Name script, very usefull for RPG
Spriteshows 1 sprite, for all you newbie´s
Pushbuttonlet´s pussssh the buttonnnn!

FAQ's and information

FAQs by GeeBee--this is an must read for newbie´s and others!
GameBoy Color FAQs--Everything about GBC
GameBoy FAQs--lot´s of info
GB Basic FAQs --All the basic´s
Poor Man's GBDK FAQ--great info
GB/GBC Opcode Summary--must read! everything about GB and GBC
GBC Cart Statistics--great info..
MBC3 Programming Info --superb FAQ, all you need to know
Thomas Scherrer's Z80 Support Page--Everything about Z80... very usefull to read!

Thanks and about...

Thanks to :

Jeff and his site--lot´s on this site comes form him !
SimonB--for some great Hardware info!

If there´s anything on this site made by you, or if you know who made it... then
please contact me so I can give you/him credit for it!


I wanted to create 1 website with all the info you needed to program the GameBoy,
since the GB scene is almost gone (everybody is programming the GBA now...)
most of the site´s went down,etc! So decided to create this website! hope you like it!
if you need to contact me, feel free to mail at :




wsgames@hotmail.com for MSN!